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New Norwegian base in Bangkok

Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos makes Bangkok its base in long-term commitment. Would you like to work in the cabin, you must agree also to move to Thailand.

Norwegian starts cheap route to New York in May next year. The cheapest tickets will cost from Oslo down to 1000 kroner a way - in low season. - Cabin crew should follow the aircraft, based in Bangkok, confirmed Kjos in the international aviation conference GBTA in Boston. In the long term maintenance is also out of the country. It should be the aircraft supplier, Boeing, deal.

Pilots and cabin crew who will fly the new long routes, won`t be engaged in Norwegian, but hired by staffing agencies. This is how Norwegian save personnel costs.

- The cabin crew will be mainly Thais. Anyone can apply, but they must stay in Bangkok. The most important thing is that they are experienced and skilled. Since Norwegian is norwegian [company], we need pilots with European certificates, says Kjos.

- The airline industry is extremely competitive. It is important to be as flexible as possible when we enter a new market. We will start with a hired crew and the possibility of employment after a while, says head of information Åsa Larsson.

- It is important to understand that long-distance routes are a global market. Asians will be on vacation to the west. At first, 10-15 percent of the customers in the long flights in our estimations are Asians. In five years they will count for half. In a few next years, the majority being Asians, says Kjos.

Also the maintenance of the machines are phased out of Norway since Boeing delivers new aircraft. - It means that Boeing will provide technical maintenance of aircraft. The aircraft is built in carbon, does not rust and has very advanced technology. The service comes to the aircraft from the Boeing factory and last a few hours, says Kjos.

In July, You can look to find tickets to New York from Oslo from 6000 kroner a round trip and Kjos confirms that he is not going to supply cheap travel in the middle of high season. You don`t find the cheapest tickets, if you go home on Friday and Sunday. - The rest of the year, there will almost always be out cheap tickets, says Kjos starting up three flights a week to New York.

Norwegian`s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivered in April 2013. It takes 291 passengers and use far less fuel than current aircraft. That is why Kjos can fly so cheap. Eventually, he will also use the aircraft on the route to Bangkok.

- We will probably open more routes Thailand. Krabi and Phuket are also actual. We have not seen yet prices for Bangkok. They will cost more than New York, but they are down compared to today's prices, he said.

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